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Producing superior flexible packaging on time and within budget is an Shilpi Packaging's specialty, one we've perfected through many years of investment in people, processes and technology.   

Today, Shilpi Packaging known for quick response by branded and private label companies and their co-packers. We are a significant supplier of high-quality flexible packaging material using rotogravure printing. 

Shilpi Packaging prints on film supported foil and offers tandem co-extrusion coatings as well dry laminations / adhesive laminations/ Solvent less lamination and extrusion lamination.

Shilpi Packaging is an  experienced provider of rotogravure printing (which are better suited for the high-volume orders that long-established product lines require.) We  offer complete creative technical assistance with package design engineering, materials selection, specialized structures and state-of-the-art finishes.

Complete In-House Graphics & Pre-Press Capabilities

Shilpi Packaging provides full Graphic Design, pre-press and Precision calibration and total control in-house mean your package has high impact, best possible printing quality and strong, clear images.

Fully integrated, one-stop services.
Design & graphic that support brand recognition.
In-house scanning, color correction, digital retouching.
Pre-press systems tightly calibrated to Shilpi Packaging presses.
Quick modification of customer files.
Position eye-marks and UPC codes correctly!
What you see on your proof is exactly what is delivered.

To improve the quality of your package, we convert our own substrates rather than purchasing converted materials and simply printing them.  This often allows you to improve barrier control while using fewer raw materials, keeping the weight of your package light for shipping Shilpi Packaging uses a wide range of materials and coatings to create effective barriers and assure packaging holds up well in transit or storage.

We print on :

Films Polyester, Polypropylene / BOPP / OPP & other grades as specified.
Foil Laminated foil.

Tandem Co-Extrusion Coating & Laminations

In addition to printing, lacquering and finishing, we offer tandem co-extrusion coatings and laminations, using computer controlled extruder dies with computerized gauge controls.   Our extruder laminates and applies multi-layer heat seal coatings, so Shilpi Packaging can customize your package by combining high-performance materials and resins in the most cost-effective way.  Your product ends at Shilpi Packaging with rewind. Slitting & palletizing, where we hold slitting to very close tolerances.

And there's more:-

Did we mention that Shilpi Packaging also provides customer finishing at your request? 

We can provide support at your location through vender managed inventories and distribution services?  Did we mention we guarantee total traceability and maintain Continuous Systematic Improvement programs?   If you need custom service or have special requirements that need to be meet, E-mail your questions now, to our customer service department. Shilpi Packaging will be glad to help.

email : Shilpi@Shilpipackindia.com