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Manufacturer and Merchant Exporter of Herbal Henna Powder.

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Available in 20 grams, 50 grams, 100 grams & 250 grams flexible pouches.
Packaging material used Polyester/Metalised Polyester/3 Layer Coextruded Polyethylene
Ingredients Henna, Amla, Kaththa, Rare Herbs and Coffee.
Direction for use Soak Henna overnight or for a minimum 5 hours.
Soak Henna preferably in iron container, if dark tint is required.
Apply thoroughly on head with the help of comb and brush.
Apply shampoo after 30 minutes off.
Exclusive Recipe For different hair colouring effect.



FOR CONDITIONING OF HAIR Mix Golden Herbal Henna Powder with a cup of curd and water to make a paste. Add a tea spoon full of methi powder and an egg or table spoon of protein powder. Mix well and apply to the hair from roots upwards to the tips in small parted bunches of hair, with the help of hard bristled brush, till entire hair are uniformly coated.Put on the provided cap and allow to remain on hair for 2-3 hours for better results. Wash throughly with running water and comb.
Note: Use Golden Herbal Henna Powder regularly at least once in a week to achieve the desired colour and better conditioning.
FOR DARK BRAWN HAIR 1. Mix Golden Herbal Henna Powder in enough boiling water to make a paste. Use iron  container, if dark tint is required, keep paste overnight and use next morning.
2. One table Spoon full of Coffee Powder and make decoction. Mix Coffee decoction with Golden Herbal Henna Powder and add water to make paste. Apply after 30 minutes.
Take two spoons of tea and make a decoction. Add a tea spoon of methi powder to the boiling tea decoction.Mix decoction with Golden Herbal Henna  Powder to make a paste. Allow to settle for 30 minutes to an hour. Just before using add juice of one fresh lime to the paste.

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