Indian Tea

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Special CTC Leaf Tea

Quality tea from selected tea gardens of Assam & Darjeeling for flavour and freshness.

Available in 10Grams, 30Grams, 50Grams,  70Grams, 100 Grams, 250 Grams,
500 Grams .
Flexible Pouch.

Packed in Centre Seal Pouch made out of Polyester/Metalised Polyester/3 Layer Co-extruded Polyethylene (Virgin and Food Grade Material)



Vacuum Packed for great aroma, flavour and freshness.

GOLDEN ValLy's Fresh Tea with an aroma that can make the world wait. An aroma that comes by carefully selecting one tea from a thousand. Than preserving it for you by Aroma-Sealing in a special "Vacuum Pack" so when you snip open this pack you will say "Wah ! GOLDEN Vally's Fresh"

Hot Tea :
Pour one tea spoon full of GOLDEN Vally's Fresh CTC Leaf Tea to 75 ml. hot water. Add sugar and/or milk as per individual taste and serve it.

Ice Tea :
Add ice cubes to the decoction of tea. Add sugar as per individual taste and serve it.


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